Second marking period Renaissance Star: Senior Rosa Shuey

Every marking period the Renaissance Club chooses two students from each grade level as Renaissance Stars from nominations made by the teachers.


Hayleigh Friday

Senior Rosa Shuey

Rosa Shuey was nominated as a star by Mr. McNitt.

“Rosa is an outstanding senior. Academically she is an “A” student. She is conscientious and courteous at all times. This year she is in both the marching band and in our POPS programs. While she might be quiet and unassuming, she is a first rate student who always has a smile for her peers and teachers alike.”

Congratulations to the new “Stars” and their families!

Eagle Eye: What’s your reaction to being named a renaissance star?

Rosa Shuey: amazed that out of everyone I was chosen, but can’t imagine how.

EE: What is your favorite class this school year?

RS: Pops Extention

EE: who is your all time favorite teacher and why?

RS: Mrs. Harris, because she is kind and understanding to everyone. Plus, she is always good natured, even when she isn’t in a good mood.

EE; What are some goals that you hope to accomplish this school year?

RS: Pass all of my classes, stay on the honor roll, and to go to the competition trip with Pops.

EE: What is your favorite thing about the Tyrone School District?

RS: The music program, because it combines math, science, English and history all in one.