Renaissance Announces Third Marking Period High School Stars


1st Row: Brandon Ixtepan Ramirez, Taylor Dixon, Miah Smith 2nd Row: Tiffanie Teeters, Macenna Grum, Anna Beck, Trey Kyle. Missing from photo: Joe Kohler

Another group of stars has been announced by the Tyrone Area School District Renaissance Education Foundation for the third marking period of the 2016-2017 school year.

Each marking period, the Tyrone teachers are invited to nominate students as Renaissance Stars for contributing positively to the school community or going above and beyond in any area. This marking period, the high school teachers nominated eight students for recognition for outstanding academic achievement, positive attitude, or overall improvement.

Freshman Trey Kyle was nominated by the ninth grade team. “Trey has a job after school, but he maintains good grades. He is a “super nice” individual who is respectful to everyone around him. He is kind to classmates and always willing to help others. He always maintains a positive attitude,” said the Ninth Grade teachers.

Also nominated by the ninth grade team was Miah Smith. Miah’s advisory teacher reports that she has shown steady improvement in her grades for all courses since the beginning of the year. Her math teacher says, “She has achieved some excellent scores on math tests recently.” All of her teachers report that she has become quite conscientious about getting her work turned in on time for all of her classes in this past marking period.

Brandon Ixtepan Ramirez, a tenth grader, was nominated by Mrs. Christie Taylor. “Brandon is a very nice young man who expresses a strong desire to be a medical professional. He always has a smile on his face and puts his best foot forward. His work is always thoroughly done and turned in on time, the majority of his assignments are turned in early. He gets along with classmates and never hesitates to help someone in need. Brandon has an excellent work ethic,” said Taylor.

Mr. Cammarata nominated sophomore Anna Beck. The yearbook, Eagle Eye, and civics teacher said, “In addition to being a great member of the yearbook staff and a fantastic student, Anna also invited a family friend to come to TAHS to share his experiences as a survivor of both the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the 9/11 attacks. Thanks to Anna, about 80 students got to hear first hand what it was like to be in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001,” said Cammarata.

Junior Macenna Grum was also nominated by Mrs. Taylor. “Kenna is a very likable young lady who expresses a strong desire to be a medical professional,” said Taylor, “She is always helpful to students and staff alike. She is willing to help in any way possible and pays particular attention to detail, which sometimes gets neglected. She gets along with everyone. Ms. Grum’s work is always thoroughly done and turned in. Kenna has an excellent work ethic.”

The other junior is Joe Kohler who was nominated by English teacher Steve Everhart. “Joe was one of two students having the highest verbal SAT scores in the Class of 2018. He is involved in multiple athletic and academic pursuits. Joe has advanced to states in cross country this fall and will likely advance in track as well this year, where he is currently ranked 4th in the state in the 800m and 1600m events among juniors in AA,” said Everhart.

Senior Taylor Dixon was chosen by English teacher Kathy Beigle. “Taylor is one of my all-time favorite students. She is a genuinely kind, compassionate, caring, and intelligent human being. I so enjoy seeing her every day and having her in my Honors English 12 class. I can honestly say I think it is impossible for someone to not like her! She cares deeply about her school work, and it shows in her grades. She has an extremely positive attitude and definitely works hard. Taylor puts her all into everything she does. No rock goes unturned. I’m extremely grateful I had the opportunity to meet this fine young woman. She will certainly make a difference in the future,” said Beigle.

Senior Tiffanie Teeters was nominated by social studies and driver’s ed teacher Cummins McNitt. He said, “Tiffanie is an inspiration to her peers and her teachers. She has risen through many difficult personal challenges to become a strong, thoughtful, and courageous young woman. While her personal life has thrown one road block after another into her path, she continues to overcome the hurdles, to rise above it all and to emerge stronger for the struggle. Her class participation is always welcome, for she often enlightens her peers and her teachers with personal accounts and words of youthful wisdom.”