O-Line is the Backbone of Tyrone Football

Tyrone football is off to an electric 5-0 start with skill players like quarterback Ashton Walk, wide receiver Ross Gampe, wide receiver and return man Drayvn Crowell, and running backs Brady Ronan and Kolten Miller stealing headlines for the Golden Eagles.

However, skill players don’t find the endzone without a strong offensive line up front.

Without the O-Line, all of us skill guys aren’t able to make plays. The O-line is what brings it all together”

— Quarterback Ashton Walk

Offensive linemen are the unsung heroes of football, protecting the quarterback, stopping blitzing linebackers, and creating holes for running backs and fullbacks.

Tyrone’s starting offensive line this year has consisted of Jimmy Fogleman at right tackle, Dylon Brower at right guard, Gavin Woomer at center, Braden Ewing at left guard, and Caleb Mckinney at left tackle.

While not even close to the biggest line in the area, this group plays smart. They are a much-improved unit from last year and a key to the Eagles’ 5-0 start.

And contrary to conventional wisdom, offensive linemen are not just all size and strength, they are also often the smartest players on the field.

“The offensive line has rules that must be applied to every play. They not only must memorize the rules but must understand them and then apply them to different looks that a defense may give them,” said Tyrone Head Coach John Franco. “They not only have to be strong and tough, but very smart as well.”

Franco and his assistant coaches have done an excellent job finding and developing tough, smart, players for the offensive line.

If Tyrone wants to build upon this recent success they’ve had, especially looking ahead to tonight’s game against Bald Eagle Area, the offensive line will be key to that success.

Despite their 2-3 record, Bald Eagle has a good defense, especially in the sack department.

Their sacks per game are almost twice the high school national average, so Tyrone’s o-line will have to work hard to protect their quarterback in the pocket.

Regardless of Friday night’s outcome, Tyrone’s offensive line will have to continue to work hard to uphold the responsibility that comes with being the backbone of a successful offense.

“Without the O-Line, all of us skill guys aren’t able to make plays. The O-line is what brings it all together,” said Tyrone quarterback Ashton Walk.