Mandalorian podcast season 2 (Season 2 Chapters 9-11)


The first season of the Mandolorian was a great success for Disney Plus with it quickly becoming the most in-demand shows in the world after only being out for three weeks according to Business Insider.

A small barebone recap for the first season because it has been about a year since it came out to jog your memories:

Mando (The Mandalorian) is doing a bounty for the Imperial Remnants to deliver the Child (Baby Yoda) to them for a rare type of steel. After dropping off Baby Yoda to the Imperials Mando goes back and rescues Baby Yoda.

The other bounty hunters see that the bounty on Baby Yoda is on again so Mando must leave the planet to evade them. He ends up on a forest planet that pays him to defend their village, and after helping them a bounty hunter tries to kill Baby Yoda and Mando has to leave again.

He then goes to Tatooine and quickly helps a gunslinger with a bounty but then the gunslinger betrays him but Mando kills him for trying to kidnap Baby Yoda. After that he then goes and helps with a five-man jailbreak but gets betrayed again and blows up a space station that betrayed him.

Mando goes back to the original planet to find the town overrun with Imperial Remnants and tries to trick the Imperial Remnants but they see through it and demand the Child. After escaping into the tunnels Mando is given a jetpack and escapes on a river of lava and takes down a tie-fighter. His new quest is to find the Jedi to give Baby Yoda to.

For a more detailed summary click here or watch the first season of the podcast.

This year we’re back, well at least one of us is. The group of Andrew Savino, Dean Grassi, and Haydn Loudenslager talk about the first 3 episodes of The Mandalorian in season two.