How to Survive Valentine’s Day: Friends Edition

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How to Survive Valentine’s Day: Friends Edition

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Valentine’s Day is a day that can be filled with sadness for some, even though it is a holiday filled with love and happiness.

Those who are single might not feel the love because they aren’t in a relationship or have bad memories with an ex, however, do not fear, your BFF Valentine’s Day guide is here.

How do you show your friendship and love to those that mean the most to you? Here is a list of ideas that could make your friend’s Valentine’s Day:


Everyone loves a fuzzy pair of socks. Cheap ones can be bought from Walmart or Target, the price does not affect the coziness.


Sour patch kids are always a go-to. If you are going towards an oldie but goldie candy, Sweethearts Conversation Hearts are a wise choice. Chocolate is a go-to especially on strawberries, and if you are looking to support a local business, Gardner’s is the way to go. If you are a girl and you get chocolate covered fruit or basically anything chocolate, your life and day will be made.


They are considered an expensive gift, but they are extremely meaningful. Carnations sold for and benefitting HOSA for only $1.50 would be a good way to show your friendship and love to your friends..and they are cheap. Good quality flowers can also be cheap and can be found at Wegmans or Walmart. 

Dinner Plans

Going to dinner or getting lots of food is always a good deal, and Valentine’s Day is no restriction. Chick-fil-a is always a great choice and there will probably be a promotion on milkshakes or nuggets. Denny’s is also a go-to because diner food is always the best and it is fairly priced.

Pamper Yourself

Single ladies, Beyonce is directly telling you to pamper yourselves. Use a facemask, paint your toes, buy too much while internet shopping, and  just let yourself have a break.

Single guys rarely talk of spending Valentine’s Day with their friends, but if you are a guy then the following idea is for you. You could crack a cold one with the boys and just have a good time. No need for flowers or fuzzy socks, unless guys like roses and socks, then go for it. Another idea is playing video games or watching sports. These are day-to-day things for guys but February 14th is yet another day to continue that trend.

On the “dreaded” day, don’t let couples affect your day. Just because you aren’t in a relationship now does not mean that you can’t be happy with your friends. Go out and eat lots of food, be happy and recognize Valentine’s day as another day to spend with your friends.

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