Familiar Face, New Place

Former TAES Dean of Students Mike McKee made the move to the High School this school year.


Haydn Loudenslager

Mr. Mike McKee has returned to the high school for the 2020-2021 school year as the new emotional support teacher.

A familiar face to many students from the elementary school is now a member of the Tyrone Area High School faculty.

Special education teacher Micheal McKee, who was previously the Tyrone Elementary School Dean of Students, has taken over the position of emotional support teacher from the recently retired Ronald Fedore.

I’ve been wanting to work with high school age students again [and] it is great to see how they have all grown up”

— Mike McKee

“I’ve been wanting to work with high school age students again,” McKee said, “[and] it is great to see how they have all grown up.”

This is not the first time McKee has worked in the high school. He began his teaching career at Tyrone as a learning support teacher at the high school from 2003 to 2008.

High School Principal Tom Yoder is pleased to see McKee back in the high school.

“Mr. McKee is patient, understanding, and helps students with managing both their schoolwork and their behaviors,” Yoder said. “He is an excellent fit.”

Many teachers and students are excited about McKee’s return and confident that he is the right choice for the position.

“Mr. McKee is doing a great job,” paraprofessional Candy Eckels said, “and an added bonus is that he knows all the students.”

Senior Dylan Beals is glad that McKee is now a part of the high school team.

“He is a cool guy, and very helpful to his students,” said Beals.

Even with the lockdown going on he is viewing things in a positive light.

“The first few weeks have been great, I think everyone was excited to be back at school,” McKee said.

Overall most people are glad that McKee has joined the high school team once again.

“Everyone is very happy to have Mr. McKee back at the high school. He is a positive force on the faculty” said Yoder.