Donald Trump: The Right Person in Office

Is Donald Trump the right man to be our president? I say YES


Donald Trump. Just hearing the name makes a large portion of people disgusted that this man is in office, but is everything you hear really true? Or is the media messing with your mind?

Behind the media’s loud presence is a man that isn’t nearly as bad as most people think.

I’ll be honest, Donald Trump says some outrageous things sometimes, and he should think before he tweets, but this is the only way he can really speak to the American people without the media rewording what he says.”

— Jeremy Byers

The 2016 Presidential Election will definitely go down as one of the most controversial elections in U.S. history, as you hear terrible things said about both Trump and Clinton. The media, traditionally is considered to be left bias (on the side of the Democrats) and you could clearly see they were leaning towards Clinton to defend her mistakes. These media sources include CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CBS and ABC. These sources will utilize strong words to influence their viewers to take sides with the liberal Democrats.

This means that these sources who backed up Clinton were strongly against Trump. So when Trump calls it “fake news,” he isn’t lying. A lot of people don’t understand the good President Trump is giving to our country because they are blinded by the media’s constant reporting on things that our president has done in the past. These topics have nothing to do with his plans for the country and are irrelevant, but the news organizations continue to report on it.

If you have watched TV you may have come across a commercial by Tom Steyer, a liberal democratic billionaire who donated $87 million dollars to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. In this commercial, he claims that Donald Trump has “brought us to the brink of nuclear war” and “obstructed justice at the FBI,” this is completely false. North Korea’s leader Kim Jung Un threatened the United States by threatening to bomb Guam, the president defended our country by talking tough to the dictator. In no way does this automatically put us to the “brink of nuclear war.” We can’t just hide from threats, we didn’t in 1941, and we shouldn’t now. We can’t let other countries run us over and not do anything about it, we need someone who will stand up against countries when they try to trample us.

Also, he did not obstruct justice at the FBI, all he did was fire the FBI Director James Comey which was perfectly legal. The president has the right to fire and hire an FBI director.

The Russia Investigation was another chain of events that were blown way out of proportion. This was never proven that this ever happened but was repeatedly implied that it did. CNN even got a story on the Russian Investigation wrong, took down the story, then forced three employees to resign.  Why didn’t they report on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal? While she should be in jail but was left off the hook, Donald Trump continues to get brutally hammered by the media and late night shows.

To see our president being called a racist is very ignorant. Many people say he is racist towards Mexican people when in reality he is just against illegal immigration, which is a huge problem in the United States. He never said he dislikes Mexican people at all. Building a wall will either stop or heavily slow down Mexican immigration, drugs, and crime pouring into our country. All he wants is to stop these problems, but to many people, this makes him racist. This is completely absurd. The media needs to stop taking things out context and making broad statements out of them.

Believe it or not our current president has done a lot of good for our country since he took office in January.

Over one million jobs have been created according to, the stock market has hit record numbers, he has a tax plan that is for the American people, and we are finally taking military action in the Middle East, something we should have done a lot more during Obama’s presidency.

Why would a 71-year-old man give up his billionaire life to become the President of the United States? He obviously was tired of seeing the country being run into the ground for the last decade. The really sad part of all this is that Congress isn’t believing in him, the Republican party wanted to see a change for the last eight years and now this is their big chance, but they won’t take it.

I’ll be honest, Donald Trump says some outrageous things sometimes, and he should think before he tweets, but this is the only way he can really speak to the American people without the media rewording what he says.

I definitely believe that Donald Trump was the right choice for the American people, everyone makes mistakes but overall the media has made his mistakes that happened years ago look like they matter to the present.

Please click on the video link below and watch it to see the Donald Trump the media doesn’t talk about: