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Letter to the Editor: ISS is not fun

By Matthew Ferris, 9th Grade Student

May 15, 2013

Everyday someone has ISS [In School Suspension], but why do they really get it? Most people say “because the teacher doesn’t like me.”  That’s bologna!  All the teachers like you. Also, why do people think it’s fun?...

Put an End to Hallway PDAs

By Jordyn Greene, Guest Writer

April 5, 2013

Get a room! If anyone wanted to see to people sucking face in the halls or giving that last passionate kiss because you won’t see that person for a measly 43 minutes then we would watch an R-rated movie. It seems like everywhere...

Update School Computers and Allow B.Y.O.D.

By Rhett Walls, Guest Writer

March 28, 2013

Imagine being choked just enough so that you can still breathe but not do much else. That is what it’s like working with the computers at the Tyrone high school. These whimsical things that you call a computer can barely...

Support the Arts and Music at TAHS

By Lyndsay Greene, Guest Writer

March 22, 2013

Imagine a world with no music. No sound but others voices and your own. Imagine a world with no dance. No one using their body as a tool to leap and convert to the music. Imagine no art, no more color or vibrant swirls to brighten...

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