Economy vs. Power: In Defense of Horsepower

Jarrod Ulrich

Haley Wagner

Jarrod Ulrich

I wanna go fast! I wanna be in the fast lane, moving full speed ahead!

Which means more to you…going 0-60 in 5.2 thrilling seconds or chugging along and getting 40 boring miles to the gallon?

Today society focuses way too much on our carbon footprint and not nearly enough on the amount of joy we have while driving.

I prefer power is because faster is a lot more fun! Yes, there are a few exceptions; tree huggers that worship the ground a Toyota Prius drives on but at the end of the day I believe that each and every one of us would love nothing more than to hear the roar of a 5.0 as opposed to the whine of an electric motor on their ride home. With that being said, you can see why I am a huge supporter of power over economy because I believe that we will die either way, so why not live a raw horsepower filled life before hand.

Another reason why power is so much better than economy is because power is America. Some of the greatest cities in this marvelous country such as Detroit, Michigan were built on the thundering sounds of the American made V8’s such as the Olds 455 and the 429 Cobra Jet, not some little ecoboost. So yes you can thank the likes of the “Big Three” General Motors, Ford Motor Company and the Chrysler Corporation who thrived from the production of their massive gas guzzling, horsepower filled, American made V8’s for the success of one of the greatest cities in the country and perhaps even in the world.

Also power is not only better because of the fun and the history behind it, it’s better because power is an absolute necessity in order to keep everyday life in America as we know it. For example everyday the stores you browse through are supplied by tractor trailers. And what’s powering those 18 wheelers? A V-tec engine out of a Honda Civic that gets 45 miles per gallon? WRONG! No, the trucks that supply you with the necessary things that you need in everyday life are powered by massive, fuel gulping, smoke blowing, good ole fashioned diesels. So once again you can thank horsepower for making your everyday life just that much better.

Another reason why power is better hands down is because don’t we all care about our self image? Isn’t the way we look important to us? I know it is to me. I believe I speak for everyone when I say that each and every one of us want to look good when we’re driving to work or simple just pulling into Burger King for a legendary Whopper.

Last, power is the best because it is freedom. It gives us the option to go speeding down the road or to squeal the tires on your car not because you have to.. Because you want to, because you simple have the ability to as an American. So to sum all of this up in a few words I am simply telling you to choose power. Choose all out good ole fashioned American made horse power! Why? Because you’re American and trust me, you wanna go fast!