TAHS English students share opinions in the Eagle Eye

Look for new opinion stories every Tuesday and Thursday from now until May 21.


Students in Mr. David Rutter’s English classes spent part of this semester learning the art of persuasion by writing editorial/opinion essays on topics of their choice.  Over the next several weeks, the Eagle Eye will feature ten of the best editorials written by students in his classes.

These editorials highlight some issues and ideas that most would not consider to be at the high school level”

— Mr. David Rutter

Rutter teaches the unit because he believes it’s a good way for students to improve their nonfiction writing skills and express their opinions.

“It’s not very overwhelming and students have the opportunity to write about issues that they care about. I believe in balance. The short story unit pushed everyone’s creativity and  some short story projects were of considerable length. The editorials allow the writing and creative muscles to relax,” said Rutter.

“By posting the articles in the Eagle Eye, other students and the community will get a chance to read our students work,” said Rutter.

Rutter was impressed by the wide variety of topics discussed.

“Many perceptions of high school students is they have are focused on limited issues that tend to be school-related: prom, social media, who is dating who. These editorials highlight some issues and ideas that most would not consider to be at the high school level,” says Rutter.

Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for editorials from the following Tyrone students:

  • Kasey Engle: “TTYL: Don’t Text and Drive” (4/21/15)
  • Gavin Crispell: “Shot to the Heart – Why Mainstream Music Needs to be Stopped” (4/23/15)
  • Jarrod Ulrich: “Economy vs. Power: In Defense of Horsepower” (4/28/15)
  • Olivia Bietz: “Keep Religion Out of Public Schools” (4/30/15)
  • Mikey Cherry:  “Banned from the Back – A Wrong Approach to Gun Control” (5/5/15)
  • Taylor Hoover: “Price Worth Paying: America’s Teachers are Overworked and Underpaid” (5/7/15)
  • Chloe Makdad: “Tell Me What You Want (What You Really, Really Want) – Third Parties in American Politics” (5/12/15)
  • Chloe Makdad:  “Money Can Buy You Happiness– Sort of…..” (5/14/15)
  • Kendall Gardner: “Can you be Good Without God? You don’t have to be Religious to be Moral” (5/19/15)
  • Shaniah Lowery: “Jewels or Fools: Don’t Judge People Based on Piercings or Tattoos” (5/21/15)

The dates in parentheses indicates when the editorial will be published and hyperlinks will be added to student names as the editorials are published.

Readers are welcome to continue the debates started by the editorials in the comments section.