Holidaysburg handles Boy’s Tennis

Caden Brooks

Tyrone played Hollidaysburg on Friday, Apr. 27th at Hollidaysburg.  Hollidaysburg won the match 8-1.

#1) Paul Lemaire (T) def. Anthony Menard (H) 10-4.
#2) Will Tyndall (H) def. Noah Irvin (T) 10-0.
#3) John Rose (H) def. Caden Brooks (T) 10-2.
#4) Brian Johnson (H) def. Brandon Kemp (T) 10-4.
#5) Nathan Ferris (H) def. Caleb Orr (T) 10-1.

#1) Shreeman Pericheria, and Jake Irwin (H) def. Hunter Reese, and Trevor Fink (T) 8-2.
#2) Kirk Eichenlaub, and Anthony Martinelli (H) def. Nick Lewis, and Dean Grassi (T) 8-0.
#3) Casey Otlaway, and Jacob Gallagher (H) def. Nick Delbaggio, and Tyler Beckwith (T) 8-3.
#4) Adrion Lorenson, and Aragorn Clarke (H) def. Ben DelBaggio, and Andrew Sherren (T) 8-0.

Tyrone (6-5),Hollidaysburg (13-0)