Boys Soccer Goes Winless this Week


Tyrone had two losses against Bellefonte and Hollidaysburg the week of September 27th.

Tyrone lost to Bellefonte 7-0 and lost to Hollidaysburg 10-0. Going into the week, Tyrone knew that they would have a rough week considering the talent between their competition.

Last year, Tyrone, being the fourth seed, took Bellefonte, the first seed, out of the playoffs. So going into this year, Tyrone already knew that Bellefonte was coming to wipe out Tyrone as punishment for what happened the previous year.

Although the ending score was 7-0 Bellefonte, Tyrone held them for the first half, only letting them score three goals. Unfortunately, the trend continued, and Bellefonte ended up doubling the score and more.

There were many goal opportunities that Tyrone just couldn’t finish, one of which was a penalty kick taken by sophomore Rocky Romani.

“Honestly it was a big mental game for me when taking that PK [penalty kick],” said Romani. “It felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. Even though I struck the ball right it wasn’t enough to put it in the back of the net.”

Two days later, Tyrone took their second loss of the week against Hollidaysburg. This was a rough game for Tyrone not only because of the score, but also because of the performance of the team.

Letting in six goals in the first eight minutes of the game was one of the many devastating moments.

Throughout the second half, Tyrone started to wake up which resulted in Hollidaysburg scoring less, and the creation of a lot more shots on goal. Similar to the previous game, Rocky Romani took a free kick.

The referee told the two teams that it was a direct kick meaning that Romani can score from this kick. Hearing this information, Romani chose to shoot the ball to the left side netting of the goal. With a lot of curve on the ball, it soared around the defensive wall and right where it was intended to go.

As the Tyrone team started to celebrate the free kick goal the referee exclaimed that he said it was an indirect kick. In much disbelief, both teams got set back up for a goal kick that was taken by Hollidaysburg’s goalie.

More close scoring moments happened as the striker of the Tyrone team, freshman Evan Chichester, took many shots on goal.

At the end of the day Tyrone had the mindset to embrace the loss and move on. Even though Tyrone is experiencing all of these losses, one thing remains the same: their drive to keep going. Their philosophy all season has been to embrace the losses, move on, and invest for the future, and that’s what they continue to do.