Boys Soccer Falls Short in Overtime


Golden Eagles soccer team doing their cool down after the game.

Boys Soccer couldn’t find the back of the net in a close 2-1 overtime loss at Bald Eagle on Monday. 

Throughout the game, the Golden Eagles possessed the ball very well and were able to get in and behind the defense multiple times with a total of 23 shots and six corner kicks. Unfortunately for Tyrone, they could only find the back of the net once. 

Tyrone’s defense was able to limit Bald Eagle to 6 shots on the senior keeper, Alex Roberts and only allowed one corner kick the whole game.

In the first half, both teams could not find the back of the net. Although, Tyrone had a close call towards the end of the half.

Senior midfielder Keegan Raabe played in a corner kick into traffic. Junior midfielder Mason Thomas was able to put a foot on the ball and placed it in the middle of the goal. Unfortunately for Tyrone, the referee called a handball on Tyrone from across the field keeping the score 0-0.

The energy throughout the game was electrifying, it was a great game it just had an unfortunate ending”

— Brayden Daniels

In the second half, Tyrone continued to play well. They were able to swing the ball around the back and find center midfielders who could build the attack. Tyrone’s back four had plenty of time on the ball and were able to connect passes.

“We played our best possessional game so far, we were just unable to finish our opportunities on goal,” said senior Keegan Raabe.

In the 48th minute, Tyrone junior midfielder Kelton Raabe played a ball in the air from the middle of the field 25 yards out for senior midfielder Corey Johnston to head from the six into the right side of the goal just out of reach for Bald Eagle’s keeper putting Tyrone in the lead 1-0. 

Bald Eagle returned with a goal in the 66th minute on a counter-attack. Bald Eagles forward took a shot from the right side of the field. Roberts blocked the shot but Bald Eagles midfielder followed it up and placed it in the middle of the goal tying the score 1-1.

The score remained the same for the rest of regulation time causing the game to go into overtime. 

Tyrone fought hard in overtime and had multiple chances on goal but Bald Eagle’s midfielder sent a ball in Tyrone’s box and Tyrone wasn’t able to recover fast enough and Bald Eagle scored in the final minutes winning 2-1. 

“The energy throughout the game was electrifying, it was a great game it just had an unfortunate ending,” said freshman Brayden Daniels.