Be Golden: New Student-Faculty Group Pushes for Positivity

Channel T video production students create PSAs to go with PBIS positive school climate campaign.

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“Be Golden.”

This phrase has been circulating around Tyrone Area High for the past month.

“Golden” is a play off the school mascot, the Golden Eagles, but it has also been made into an acronym by the newly formed High School Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports Committee (PBIS) to highlight specific positive character traits that can help improve the school’s climate.

GOLDEN stands for:

  • G- Genuine
  • O- Optimistic
  • L- Leader
  • D- Driven
  • E- Engaged
  • N- Neighborly

The campaign is part of a school wide project to promote positive behaviors and create a sense of shared responsibility in the high school. The idea for the acronym was formed by students on the PBIS committee to help improve the school climate. Chemistry teacher Mike Funicelli is one of the faculty advisers for the group.

“PBIS is a group of students and teachers who get together with the goal of increasing positive school climate,” said Funicelli.

One of the students who is a part of this group is senior Toni Burns.

“If everyone uses the GOLDEN acronym, I think our school would be a better place,” said Burns. “The idea is just to remind students and teachers of certain attitudes and behaviors that can make the school more positive.”

Starting in February, students in the Channel T  video production class produced a series of public service announcements (PSA) videos showcasing this theme that were played during the morning announcements (click the video above this story to see them all).

If everyone uses the GOLDEN acronym, I think our school would be a better place”

— Senior Toni Burns

In each video, a student announcer reads a short message describing one of the words in the ‘Golden’ acronym. The videos present the meaning of the word and an example. Senior Nathan Hormell created the musical intro for each video, and the rest was filmed and edited by sophomore Caden Brooks, and juniors Jamie Lynch, Bryce Bauer, and Jarron Bower.

Each PSA script was written and prepared by members of the Eagle Eye staff.

“To make them entertaining, we went with a cheesy 1980s public service announcement video style. I think they turned out pretty good,” said Hormell.

Many students and teachers believe that the “Be Golden” videos have reached their goal in encouraging and strengthening positivity around the school.

“I think they are very effective. They are short and to the point, and well narrated by our Channel T announcers,” said art and video production teacher Eric Feather.

Eagle Eye staff writer, Sarah Meyer, also thought the videos can make an impact. “I mean, I really liked the spunky intro music. It made me happy, but the message behind the videos were pretty cool too,” said Meyer.

Overall, the hard work preformed by multiple groups has paid off. The positive feedback from students and staff indicates that the acronym and videos can hopefully make a positive difference in the school.

The committee that produced the video is open to any students who are interested in improving the school climate for students and staff alike.  These students and several faculty advisers, including Mr. Funicelli, meet periodically to discuss ideas to improve the school, including discussing school policies and events designed to increase student participation in activities and school-wide celebrations.

Any student that is interested in joining this committee should contact Mr. Funicell for more information.

That only leaves one thing left to say: “Stay Golden Tyrone!”

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