Artist of the Month: Becca Lewis


Tyrone Junior Becca Lewis is an active member of the Tyrone Pops Extension and has been playing the piano and the ukulele since she was five.

Artists are found in many different forms. For Becca Lewis, she shows her artistic ability through music instead of using paints and pencils.

Lewis is a Junior at Tyrone Area High School and since stepping foot into the high school she has been an active member of Tyrone’s Pops Extension.

“She has been singing ever since she was little, especially in car rides and family get-togethers. She’s always singing along or humming,” said senior Beth Pearson who is a cousin and close friend to Lewis.

Her musical abilities don’t stop at just singing. Since the age of five, Lewis has been playing the ukulele and the piano. Her favorite song to play on the piano is “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen and she is currently working on learning, “She’s a Woman” by Billy Joel

“I love to play piano the most because I find it relaxing,” said Lewis.

Lewis was able to find her passion for the piano through her family.

“My whole family sings and basically everyone in my family knows how to play piano,” said Lewis.

Music holds many memories for Lewis and allows her to enjoy her music even more.

“When I was little, my sister always played when I would wake up in the morning so it reminds me of her,” says Lewis.

While Lewis hopes to keep music as an extracurricular, in her future plans she would ultimately like to get involved with something related to business and management.