Andrew Savino


Senior Andrew Savino was the winner of the Big Buck Contest raffle. He will also receive a $20 Sheetz gift card from the Eagle Eye.

By Jason Barr, staff writer

Name: Andrew Savino

Grade: 12

Eagle Eye: How big was your buck? 

“It was a nice 8 point with a 16-inch spread.”

EE: When and where did you get this buck? 

“On December 5th up Janesville Pike.”

EE: How did you get this buck?

 “I sat and waited in my stand while dad walked the property to push something.”

EE: How long have you been hunting?

 “I’ve been hunting since 2017.”

EE: Where do you usually hunt?

“Ice Mountain”

EE: Who do you hunt with?

“I usually go with my dad”

EE: What kind of gun/bow do you hunt with?

“I use a crossbow in archery season, and a .243 caliber rifle in rifle season”

EE: Best advice for other hunters?

 “Just be patient the day will come!”