Justin Jackson


Sophomore Justin Jackson was the winner of the popular vote for Best Buck at TAHS this year.

By Jason Barr, staff writer

Name: Justin Jackson

Grade: 10

Eagle Eye: How big was your buck? 

“8 points”

EE: When and where did you get this buck? 

“The first Monday of deer season, in Sinking Valley”

EE: How long have you been hunting?

 “8 years”

EE: Where do you usually hunt?

“In Sinking Valley, in a tree stand or a blind depending on the weather”

EE: Who do you usually hunt with?

“My dad or my cousin”

EE: What kind of gun/bow do you hunt with?

“I shot it with a 308 savage”

EE: Best advice for other hunters?      

 “Get out as early as possible No matter the weather, be out.”