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For our final installment in our epic wing saga, we decided to take a look back at our reviews and write down our favorite restaurants for each of the four grading categories.


For this category, we based our ratings on how the wings looked before we began to chow down.

A – Personally I liked the presentation of “Tim’s Cafe” in Altoona the most out of any wings spots we reviewed. While wings traditionally come in a plastic basket, Tim’s kept it classy with glass dinnerware, paired with a bowl for their specialty buffalo sauce. Additionally, the wings came out piping hot, a must to receive a high score.

B & C – For the presentation category, we think the “Spruce Creek Tavern” had the best. They kept it classic by using wax newspaper in a standard trey alongside a hefty handful of fries. This type of style fits perfectly with the restaurant and deserves to be recognized.

Wing Quality

For this category, the wings will receive a rating based on the overall quality, juiciness, and the bone to meat ratio of the chicken itself.

A – In my opinion, it is no contest. “Al’s Tavern” in Altoona had the best wing quality of anywhere I’ve ever eaten, whether for a review or leisure. Each wing was cooked to perfection with an extra crispy exterior skin paired with an interior of the juicy meat. Also, in my batch of wings, I received around five jumbo wings, which helped shoot Al’s Tavern right up to one of my favorite wing spots in the area.

B & C – Although they were salty, “Tim’s Cafe” by far had the best quality, these wings were extremely crispy while still having moist tender meat. They were all big in size and really didn’t have any duds, these wings are also unique compared to the others we have reviewed. Tim’s bakes their wings instead of using the conventional frying method which helps to set themselves apart from the pack.


The sauce category is about, you guessed it, the SAUCE, we judge this category on flavor, consistency, and coverage.

A, B, & C – Hands down the best sauce award has to go to the “Spruce Creek Tavern.” The Tavern not only had a great selection of traditional sauces, like hot garlic and honey barbeque, they also bring unique sauces to the table. Some of those include black gold and blazin’ bacon ranch. While other restaurants might have unique sauces in their inventories nobody rivals the quality of the “Spruce Creek Tavern” in this category.


This category reflects upon our overall experience at the restaurant taking into account: wait time, service, and friendliness.

A, B, & C – While multiple restaurants had good hospitality we feel “Chill ‘N Grill” provided the best guest experience. Our wings took a speedy 15 minutes to arrive at our table and came out oven hot. Our server attended to us often and answered any questions we had about the menu. Additionally, our drinks were refilled any time they were empty and refills were free to boot. Overall extremely good service.

Final Score 

A – My favorite wing spot of the seven we reviewed has to be “Al’s Tavern.” However, “Spruce Creek Tavern” is not far behind. While the unique sauce selection of Spruce Creek is a huge draw, Al’s holds its own with its simple yet effective sauces. This paired with the far better wing quality of “Al’s Tavern” propelled it to a high rating and into one of my favorite new wing spots.

B- My favorite wing spot would have to be our local “Spruce Creek Tavern”, these wings never disappoint and always leave you wanting more. They are good sized wings that are crispy and have extremely good sauces paired with fresh fries all for a good price. The “Spruce Creek Tavern” is definitely worthy of first place in our reviews.

C – My favorite place for wings out of these places would be the champion, the “Spruce Creek Tavern”. Spruce Creek has the biggest variety of consistently good flavors and decent wing size. Also, the Tavern was the only wing stop to come with a serving of fries with their wings. Overall, the Tavern has impressed me the most and reigns supreme.

To conclude, our crusade of wing reviews, the Tavern remained at the top of the table throughout, with only a handful of worthy challengers.

  1.  Spruce Creek Tavern
  2. Al’s Tavern
  3.  Tim’s Cafe
  4.  Chill N Grill
  5.  Mac’s Market
  6.  The Bullpen
  7.  Port Hotel

Thank you to all who read our reviews, we had a blast reviewing each restaurant!”

— A, B, C

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Andrew Sherren, Staff Writer

Oh hey didn’t see you there! I am a senior at Tyrone Area School District and a returning veteran of the historic 2016-2017 Eagle Eye campaign. I am also returning for my fourth and final year on the prestigious Tyrone Boys Varsity Soccer team. Like I said, I am coming back for my second year on the staff and I am looking to make a big impact this year. While I am interested in journalism, I’m really just in this class for the field trip. Outside of school I enjoy both watching and playing sports and hanging out with my friends. My favorite sports teams are the Pittsburgh Penguins/Steelers, Tipton Tech Thrashers, and Conor McGregor. He is a pretty cool guy. My favorite thing about Tyrone is the living legend and man of steel himself Mr. “Big Man” Vancas. After high school I plan on attending Penn State Altoona and majoring in electro-mechanical engineering. Five words that describe me well are “Fast, Physical, Violent, Football”.

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Bryce Bauer, Staff Writer

Hi my name is Bryce and this is my second year in Eagle Eye and I’m a Senior #Classof2022. I am a member of the football, swimming, and track team and in ski club. During the summer I spend most of my days at DAP where I’m a lifeguard and during the winter you can usually find me at Blue Knob where I’m a ski instructor. My favorite sports teams are Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, and Penn State. I decided to join Eagle Eye many moons ago because I enjoy writing sports stories and editing videos. My plans after high school are to attend Tipton Tech. and get a doctorate in the fine arts. My favorite things about Tyrone are the high class students and the athletics. My goal for the year is to have fun and make memories.

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Christian Fink, Staff Writer
Hello, I am Christian A. Fink, a senior at the one and only Tyrone Area High School. I am a greenhorn to the Eagle Eye staff this year. I play football, the American one. I hope to contribute as much as possible to the website to keep our great community informed. My plans for after high school is to be a won-backer. The number #1 thing on my bucket list is to be the first person to walk on the sun. 5 words to describe me are: Fast, physical, violent, football, and #5. My favorite sports teams are the Tyrone Golden Eagles, the Teaberry Tacklers, the Tipton Tech Thrashers, and any team that beats the Steelers.
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  1. Chuck Huff of Ada, Oklahoma on May 29th, 2018 1:44 pm

    Y’all got it wrong. The Shed in Pauls Valley has got to be the best chicken wings, they’re seriously out of this world. I’m not sure what these places are but based off of the reviews all of them have some flaws. I’ve been to The Shed a handful of times and it never fails to amaze.

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