1st Marking Period Renaissance Star: Senior Kylie Rutherford

Every marking period the Renaissance Club chooses two students from each grade level as Renaissance Stars from nominations made by the teachers.


Senior Kylie Rutherford

Kylie Rutherford was chosen as a Renaissance Star by her English teacher, Mrs. Kathy Beigle.

Mrs. Beigle’s Quote:

“Kylie is outgoing, pleasant, funny, articulate, and always a pleasure to have in class. She cares about her grades as well as her classmates. She is always willing to participate when there’s that uncomfortable silence in the room, which I always appreciate!”

Eagle Eye: What’s your reaction to being named a Renaissance star?

Kylie Rutherford: I feel unbelievably honored and warm inside.

EE: What are some of the goals that you hope to accomplish this school year?

KR: I hope to make it through the whole year and finally graduate!

EE: What is your favorite class this year?

KR: Art

EE: Who is your all-time favorite teacher and why?

KR: Mr. Feather because he’s laid back and an all around swell guy.

EE: What is your favorite thing about the Tyrone School District?

KR: That everyone is so kind and friendly, but most of all my favorite thing is that I get to leave!