YAN club finishes a successful year


On May 9th, the members of YAN took a field trip to Monroeville for World Culture’s Day. This is the group’s first year attending, and it was deemed a success.

Advisers Mr. McNitt and Mrs. Rettinger enjoyed the trip and plan on returning.

In regard to the event, “It was fantastic! I really enjoyed the music and dancing. Our students were exposed to different cultures and new experiences. We plan to continue going if we can fund it,” said McNitt.

YAN has become a popular group this year. Membership tripled compared to last year, and McNitt and Rettinger have plans to impact the community and school greatly in the upcoming 2014-2015 school year.

They completed one large, impressive project this school year and hope to start more.

“We raise awareness of regional and global issues. We have donated several thousand dollars to the Panzi Hospital so they can continue their important humanitarian work,” said McNitt when speaking of their biggest project this school year.

The expectations for next year’s group are running high with even bigger ideas than ever before.

“We are going to run the first ever Golden Eagle Halloween event at the school. Funds raised from this will be donated to the Tyrone Food Bank and the Panzi Hospital. Other works will include the penny war, field trips, and school assemblies. We have great expectations for our students and the school next year,” said McNitt.