Video Satire: A Day in the Life of Mr. Everhart

Thanks to the warm reception that their previous two episodes received, the video production team has decided to continue their video satire series on teachers.

This one is capturing a day in the life of 11th grade English teacher Mr. Everhart.

“I want to thank Mr. Everhart for allowing us to produce this skit for everyone’s entertainment, he is a very good sport,” said producer Jeremy Byers.

The producers would like to encourage Tyrone students in suggesting other teachers that we could make video satire skits on, the video production students have a very fun time creating these short videos for everybody to enjoy.


Starring Brent McNeel as Mr. Everhart

Students: Cody Harpster, Nathan Walk, Michael Stoner, Broc Zimmerman, and Kevin Lehner

Written, Directed, & Edited by Jeremy Byers