Tyrone Tennis Loses 5-0 at Tussey Mountain


Ashlynn McKinney

Maverick Fleck

The Tyrone Golden Eagle boys tennis team lost 5-0 at Tussey Mountain on Tuesday, March 29.

The Eagles dropped to 0-2 on the season. They will be back in action on Wednesday at Clearfield.


SINGLES: 1, Nolan May, TM, def. Will Grot, 10-3; 2, Luke Barnett, TM, def. Maverick Fleck, 10-0; 3, Kameron Horton, TM, def. Eric Sims, 10-3

DOUBLES: 1, Ameila Dibert-Maria Runk, TM, def. Caleb McKinney-Jason Barr, 10-5; 2, Devon Member-Meneh-Noah Baka, TM, def. Curtis Wise-Brody Klein, 10-1.

Records:  Tyrone (0-2)