Trump, Biden Neck and Neck in Electoral College


The 2020 United States Presidential Election has entered its second day, with the incumbent Donald Trump trailing just slightly behind his challenger Joe Biden.

Biden currently has the slight lead of 238 electoral votes and Trump with 213 electoral votes at the moment.

But the election is far from over.  There are seven states that have not counted their results.

President Trump holds an advantage in the four states of Pennsylvania, Alaska, Georgia, and North Carolina.

Biden is currently leading Trump in three states of Nevada, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Trump is catching up to Biden with only a 0.3 percent lead in the state of Minnesota and 0.6 lead in the state of Nevada.

But with Pennsylvania only having 64 percent of their ballots counted, our home state could decide the outcome of the election.

But in order for President Trump to win, he’ll need to gain at least one of the three states currently swinging blue, and hold the four states swinging red. For Biden he must keep all of the three states from going red.