The Show Must Go On

The football game was cancelled, but that didn’t stop the TAHS Marching Band from performing last Friday night

Fears were realized last Friday afternoon when a student at Clearfield High School was found to be infected with the novel Coronavirus, causing the cancellation of that night’s football game. It was the first last-minute cancellation of a Tyrone fall sporting event directly related to a student testing positive for COVID-19.

[It was important] to get a chance to perform for their families because of a lack of competitions

— Band Director David Hock

Players and fans were disappointed, but the show had to go on for the Tyrone Marching Band.

Instead of packing it in for the week, the musically and artistically talented students of Tyrone High School took to Gray Field with the halo of the setting sun behind them to perform for an adoring audience of socially distanced families there to cheer on their tireless kin who painted the grounds with artly footwork and flamboyant colors.

Just like the football team’s canceled game, so was the marching band’s entire season of competition. For the band and their fans, that makes each Friday night football performance even more meaningful.

“[It was important] to get a chance to perform for their families because of a lack of competitions,” said Band Director David Hock

 “[I joined the front] because I saw Isabella do it,” said Majorette Pheobie Brown, “[I feel] kind of [robbed as] we didn’t get to do any competitions.” 

Hock had persevered through years of hard work during his time as an educator at Tyrone and had to try his hand at assuring the safety of his pupils in this trying time. In doing so he had left an impression on those he’s near.

“I appreciate the extra effort Mr. Hock is giving. How do you improve with everything that is going on, with everything being day to day,” said Brown.

At the performance, Hock also recognized two performers for their hard work; senior drummer Scott Sessamen and the junior majorette Trinity Lingafelt. The week prior’s recognition was given to senior drum major Paige Webster and eighth-grader clarinetist Lily Whited.