The Madness Begins!

The deadline for submitting your brackets is the end of Advisory Period on Thursday 3/14 (9:07 am)


Whether you’re ready or not, March Madness is upon us, and that means the Tournament Challenge will be starting up.

The prizes will be the same as previous years; The 1st place winner will get a $50 Sheetz card. The 2nd place winner will get a $20 Sheetz card, and the 3rd place will get a $10 Sheetz card.


  • All Tyrone students in grades 9-12 and all TAHS staff are eligible.
  • You must create a ESPN account to enter.
  • Use MUST use your FULL NAME as the title of your bracket or you will be removed from the contest!
  • You may only enter one bracket.

To enter the contest, click this link below:


Password: eagleeye (all one word, no caps)

All students and staff are eligible to enter.

The round of 64 starts on Thursday, so that will be the last day you can enter a bracket

Make sure you get your brackets in by then!

Good Luck!