TAHS Promposal Contest: Truckin’ to Prom!

Senior Phoenix Farias and senior Baylee DelBaggio are Week 6’s featured promposal.

Senior Phoenix Farias used one of his favorite things and a little help from some of his closest friends to prompose to his girlfriend, senior Baylee DelBaggio.  

With the help of senior Lance Loose, Tyrone grad Dakota Walk, and middle schooler Haile Walk, Phoenix pulled off a major truck promposal to surprise Baylee.

Phoenix popped the hoods on four trucks and hung signs to spell out “Prom” under the hood of each one.

It took a lot of work, but Phoenix wasn’t nervous at all because he knew she would say yes.

Baylee was very surprised that Phoenix asked her, but she knew that she would say yes right away.

Phoenix and Baylee are most excited to eat food before prom and to dance all night long with each other and their friends.