TAHS Promposal Contest: The Purrrrr-fect Promposal

Sophomore Garett Matley and junior Jenna Chronister are Week 2’s featured promposal.

Sophomore Garett Matley encorporated one of best friend Jenna Chronister’s favorite things into his promposal.

Garret’s promposal included a kitten.

Yes, you read that correctly.  Garett’s promposal included the gift of a real, live kitten!

Jenna named the kitten “Luna.” So far, Luna is fitting into Jenna’s family well, but not without a few “kitten problems.”

“I love her but she’s a kitten so she’s a little bit bad right now,” said Jenna, “she thinks that she’s a dog so she rips up my papers and scratches my hands.”

“Jenna always says about how much she loves baby animals,” said Matley, “so I thought animals were reasonable to go with.”

Garett wasn’t nervous to ask because Jenna is one of his closest friends.  And last year they said they would go together and Garett kept his word.

Although Jenna knew that Garett was going to ask her, she was definitely surprised to see a kitten.

“Of course I knew I’d say yes,” said Chronister, “How could anyone say no to a kitten?”

Both Jenna and Garett are excited to get dressed up and have tons of fun with each other.

But no matter what happens, Jenna will surely remember this promposal for years to come, thanks to Luna!