TAHS Promposal Contest: ‘Take 5’ to Read This Promposal

Senior Mary Beth Raabe and sophomore Andy Lang are Week 7’s featured promposal.


Senior Mary Beth Raabe knew she wanted to ask sophomore Andy Lang to prom, but she wasn’t sure how until her friends came up with this original promposal.

With the help of seniors Bella McCracken and Anna Baran, Mary Beth made a “SWEET” promposal sign with candy puns to ask Andy to prom.  

The sign said:

“Dear Andy, Please Take 5 to read this.  I know this is Nerdy, so don’t Snicker at me.  It would be Mounds of fun to go to the…Whatchamacallit…PROM with a Sweet-Tart like you.  If you’re a Smartie you’ll say yes and it will be Extra special!  Love, Mary Beth.”

“I knew I wanted to do a promposal,” said Raabe, “But I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted, so my friends gave me a few ideas and this was one of them!”

Andy was very surprised that she asked him to prom, because he didn’t think that anyone was going to ask him But he knew he would say yes, because Mary Beth is one of his really good friends.

“I asked Andy because he’s super fun to hang out with and we always have fun together!” said Raabe.

Mary Beth and Andy are excited to spend time with all of their friends throughout the night.