TAHS Promposal Contest: Relaying to Prom

Junior Daniel Lay and sophomore Payton Wagner are Week 7’s featured promposal.

Junior Daniel Lay incorporated something sophomore Payton Wagner and he have in common when asking her to prom.

With the help of his mom and Mr. Shedd, Dan made a sign and wrote “Payton, I RELAY want you to go to prom with me,” and gave her a relay baton.

“I was talking to my friend Bella about what I should do and she said I should do something involving relays since we both participate in them,” said Lay.

Payton was very surprised, because Dan has never mentioned anything about prom to her, but she knew she would say yes because they are good friends and she knew it will be fun.

Dan really wanted to ask Payton because they are good friends from track and because she is a really nice person.

Dan and Payton are looking forward to hanging out with their friends and each other at prom.