TAHS Promposal Contest: Hopping to Prom

Sophomore Derek Wilson and senior Sharon Salyer are Week 8’s featured promposal.

Sophomore Derek Wilson wanted to surprise senior Sharon Salyer with a promposal.  “She deserves to go to her senior prom with all of her friends, so I asked her,” said Wilson.

Deciding how and when to do it was more of a challenge.  “I thought about asking her to prom when she was in Pittsburgh,” said Wilson.  But he decided to wait until she came home from Pittsburgh to ask.

With the help of Derek’s and Sharon’s families, Derek gathered all of the essential materials for an awesome promposal; gifts and posters.  Derek chose to make his promposal on the one month anniversary of Sharon’s liver transplant.

Derek got her a large stuffed bunny and made a sign that said, “Every ‘Bunny’ should go to prom.  Sharon would you ‘HOP’ there with me?”

Sharon was in shock when Derek asked her, but she knew that she would say yes for sure.

“I wanted to spend time with her because she is a brave, strong, and a wonderful person, and has inspired me and many other students in the school,” said Wilson.

Derek and Sharon are looking forward to spending time together at prom, but Derek is especially excited to see how beautiful Sharon is going to look in her dress.