TAHS Promposal Contest: Game, Set, Match, PROM?

Senior Coy Focht and senior Marlena Wagner and Week 6’s featured promposal.

Senior Coy Focht promposed to his long time friend senior Marlena Wagner with something from her favorite sport.

Coy wrote “Prom?” on a tennis ball to ask Marlena to prom.

“Anna Baran gave me the idea, and helped me a lot,” said Focht. “I really wanted to ask Marlena to prom, because we are really good friends.”

Marlena was very surprised that Coy asked her to prom, because she never saw it coming.

“I just thought Anna was coming to take pictures for the yearbook when she came in the room with the camera.  I had no clue Coy was going to ask me, but I’m glad he did!” said Wagner.

Coy is very excited to see Marlena all dressed up, and Marlena can’t wait to see Coy dressed in something other than sweatpants.