TAHS Promposal Contest: “All I Ask of You…Prom?”

Junior Sage Dixon and sophomore Molly Harris are Week 5’s featured promposal.

Junior Sage Dixon had to work out of his comfort zone by finding a creative way to ask sophomore Molly Harris to prom.

Knowing what a talented singer Molly is, Sage knew he wanted his promposal to be something dealing with a musical.

With a little helping hand from Senior Kendra Walker they were able to come up with an idea.  The Phantom of the Opera is one of Molly’s favorite musicals, and Molly’s big solo in this week’s musical is “All I ask of You” from the show.

So Sage wrote “All I ask of you…PROM?” on a poster and gave her roses.

“I really wanted to ask Molly to prom, because I like her and I want to get to know her better,” said Dixon.

Molly was sort of surprised that Sage asked her but all of her friends were dropping hints.  But she was really surprised by how he asked her.

Sage and Molly are excited to spend time with each other and all of their friends at prom.