TAHS promposal contest: A “toad”ally awesome promposal!

Abbey Gunter and Andrew Bell-Bigelow are Week 7’s featured promposal couple

Abbey Gunter and Andrew Bell-Bigelow and their promposal

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that mean the most. Senior Andrew Bell-Bigelow kept this in mind when he promposed to senior Abbey Gunter.

Andrew knew that Abbey loves toads, so he promposed with a stuffed toad with a sign saying, “Will you toad-ally go to prom with me?”

Andrew was not nervous about asking Abbey since he knew that she finds toads so cute.

Abbey knew that she would be going to prom together, but the promposal was still a surprise.

“I wasn’t surprised that he asked me…it was just the timing of it that surprised me,” said Gunter.

The couple is excited to spend the whole day together and is looking forward to a fun time.