TAHS Promposal Contest: A “Shoe-In” of a Promposal

Junior Levi Raling and Bellwood senior Caroline Showalter are Week 5’s featured promposal.


Junior Levi Raling promposed to his girlfriend Bellwood senior Caroline Showalter with a pair of Timberlands that she has been dying for.

“My girlfriend said she wanted a pair of Tims,” said Raling, “So I knew I wanted to incorporate them into my promposal.”

Levi wasn’t nervous, because he knew she was say yes and he knew he wanted to ask her because they have been dating for a while.  According to Levi, he knows that he’s the better dancer so he won’t get shown up on the dance floor, no matter what kind of shoes they are wearing!

Caroline knew Levi was going to ask her to prom, but she was pretty surprised with how he asked her because she wasn’t expecting it.  

Oh, and she liked the shoes too!

“I can’t imagine going to prom with anyone else,” said Showalter.

Although Levi is most excited to drive a convertible ‘stang to prom, Caroline is looking forward to spending time with Levi.

Still no word on whether those Timberlands will match Carloline’s dress!