TAHS Promposal Contest: A ‘Secret’ Promposal

Tyrone grad Andrew Bartos and senior Sarah Isenberg are Week 8’s featured promposal.

Tyrone grad Andrew Bartos had no problem thinking of the perfect idea to ask his girlfriend, senior Sarah Isenberg to prom.  

With the help of junior Lily Williams and sophomore Molly Harris, Andrew made a poster and wrote “It’s no ‘SECRET’ that I want to go to PROM with you.” and gave it to Sarah, along with a pair of Victoria’s Secret leggings, after her performance Saturday night.

“I saw her looking at Victoria’s Secret leggings and the wheels in my brain starting turning,” said Bartos, “And then it hit me.  So my idea was born.”

Sarah was so surprised that Andrew asked her to prom, because she figured that he didn’t want to go because he is in college now.

“His idea was so thoughtful,” said Isenberg,  “With the VSX leggings I’d been wanting for a long time and some perfume I could never tell him no.”

“I asked Sarah because she means a lot to me.  Plus I can’t wait to see how BEAUTIFUL she will look in her dress,” said Bartos.

Sarah is looking forward to getting dressed up and spending lots of time with her favorite guy, and Andrew is most excited to see how BEAUTIFUL Sarah will look in her “prom going apparel.”