TAHS Promposal Contest: A Major Gamer Promposal

Sophomore Conner Garman and senior Desiree Sparks are Week 4’s featured promposal.


Seniors Desiree Sparks and Stephanie Cruz incorporated two icons of the gaming world, Mario and Luigi to prompose to sophomore Conner Garman and TAHS grad Stephen Garman.

Desiree and Steph spent many hours on Pinterest trying to figure out how they wanted to prompose to Conner and Stephen. When they finally figured out what she wanted to do, they asked Conner’s family for help.  

Although Desiree was very nervous, she knew that Conner was the only one she wanted to be her date.

Conner was very surprised when Desiree promposed to him, but he knew he would say yes to her.

“Even though I ate a support beam and had to search my entire house, it was fun, and I wouldn’t want to go to prom with anyone else,” said Garman.

Desiree, Conner, Stephanie and Stephen are excited to dance the night away and to have fun with their friends.