TAHS promposal contest: A fairytale promposal!

Sarah Isenberg and Will Lash are Week 4’s promposal couple


courtesy of Sarah Isenberg

Sarah and Will and their promposal

Every girl dreams of being treated like a princess. Junior Sarah Isenberg was treated like royalty during her promposal from junior Will Lash.

Will used a My Princess ring to prompose to his longtime girlfriend at dinner.

“I put a lot of time and planning into the event. I was confident that she would appreciate it,” said Lash.

Will came up with the idea by himself, other than making sure everybody else thought Sarah would like it!

Will wasn’t nervous to ask Sarah, and he knew that she would be the only girl he would take to prom.

Sarah knew he would ask her to prom, but she was shocked when he did it at dinner. She immediately knew that she would say yes.

“We are excited to see each other dressed up so nicely on a special occasion and just have a great time dancing and hanging out together,” said Isenberg.