TAHS promposal contest: A “corky” promposal!

Kali Lingenfelter and Dakota Cowfer are Week 6’s featured promposal.


courtesy of Dakota Cowfer

Dakota Cowfer and Kali Lingenfelter with their promposal

Senior Dakota Cowfer decided to use many romantic gestures when he asked his long time best friend senior Kali Lingenfelter to prom.

Dakota made a fancy poster saying “I know this sounds corky, but will you go to prom with me?” He also used candles, had romantic music playing, and gave her a bottle of sparkling cider.

“I knew Kali would like an elegant proposal,” said Cowfer, “So I incorporated many different items into my gesture.”

Dakota wasn’t nervous to ask Kali to prom, because they went together last year. He was mainly nervous about setting it up without her catching on to what he was doing.

“I asked Kali to prom, because she is gorgeous and one of my best friends, and I know if anyone is going to go all out for prom, it would be Kali,” said Cowfer.

Kali wasn’t surprised that Dakota asked her to prom because she knew they wanted to go together again this year.

Dakota and Kali are both excited to dress up for the grand march, and for the trip to McDonald’s after prom.