TAHS promposal contest: 7 reasons to go to prom

Anthony Politza and Allison Hosko are Week 6’s featured promposal.


courtesy of Allison Hosko

Anthony Politza and Allsion Hosko with their promposal

One TAHS junior had many reasons to take his girlfriend to prom.

Junior Anthony Politza asked sophomore Allison Hosko to his prom with seven signs, one for each reason he was asking her.

Anthony originally found the idea for the “7 reasons” somewhere online, but he individualized them and came up with his own reasons himself.

He got help from Allison’s dad while hanging up the signs outside of their house. He also has to attribute some of the sign decorating to his mom.

“I’ve been dating Alli for nearly two years. I can’t imagine going to prom with anybody else,” said Politza.

Allison was so surprised when she pulled into her driveway and saw the promposal. She began to cry because she was so happy!

“I knew I would say yes right away. He is not only my boyfriend but my best friend, and I wouldn’t want to go with anybody else,” said Hosko.

Anthony and Allison are excited to hang out with their friends and one another, and to get all dressed up.