TAHS promposal contest: An EGGcellent promposal!

Tristan Lingafelt and Altoona’s Ashley Muffie are Week 7’s featured promposal


courtesy of Tristan Lingafelt

Tristan Lingafelt and Altoona’s Ashley Muffie and their promposal.

Senior Tristan Lingafelt took advantage of the Easter holiday for a “egg-hunt promposal” for his girlfriend, Altoona Area High School senior Ashley Muffie.

Tristan’s promposal started out as a traditional Easter egg scavenger hunt, with 15 clues hidden in plastic eggs.  The last clue led to a Reese’s peanut butter egg with “Prom?” written inside.

Tristan was nervous to ask Ashley to prom, since he came up with the promposal idea himself.  “I knew there wasn’t anybody else I would ask to prom,” said Lingafelt.

Ashley was surprised about the promposal, because she didn’t think Tristan would do something like that.

Although Ashley was not planning on going to prom, she changed her mind when Tristan promposed.

The couple is looking forward to the prom and spending time together.