Student Council Adopts a Local Family for Christmas


Student Council and other staff members have been gathering and wrapping items to help a family in need this Christmas.

The TAHS Student Council is adopting a family in financial need this Christmas.

The family has a boy and a girl who are students in the Tyrone Area School District.

Student Council advisers Tiffany Smith and Michelle Marasco learned about the family’s situation after attending a Student Assistance Program (SAP) meeting.  They wanted to help this family have a merry Christmas. Knowing that Student Council was looking for a community service project, helping them seemed like a perfect fit.

“We wanted to help a family within the district because they are part of our community and it is like giving back to the community,” said Smith.

Student Council and other staff members have been gathering items as groups and individually to help the family. Some of the items that have been donated include blankets, clothing, games, toys and other items that the students think will be beneficial.

Student Council will wrap them before Christmas break and then Smith and Marasco will deliver them to the family.

The project has been a great experience for all of the members in Student Council.

“I think it is a wonderful program that allows us to take part in the true spirit of Christmas, which is giving. It’s amazing to see how students, staff, and members of the community have come together to make this happen!” said senior Student Council President Kristen Johnson.