Senior Band Profile: Trinity Mallon


Lucia Isenberg

Trinity Mallon

Senior clarinetist and pit percussionist Trinity Mallon has been in the Tyrone Band band for eight years, but her musical journey began as a child with the guitar.

“When I was little I love this cartoon of a zebra cowboy that played the guitar, so I started to learn guitar,” said Mallon.

I will miss everyone in the band, I’ve never met people as great as them

— Trinity Mallon

That journey led her to take band and instrumental lessons in middle and high school. Band director David Hock appreciates Mallon’s dedication and willingness to learn more.

“Trinity has been very dedicated to the band and willing to learn new instruments,” said Hock. “In concert band she started as a clarinet player, but then in high school began to learn the bass clarinet and then the contrabass clarinet. In marching band, she performed in the front ensemble playing various percussion instruments, but over the years has learned to play the keyboard percussion and recently has played the piano synthesizer. She has been a valuable member of the band.”

Mallon’s dedication and versatility will make her difficult to replace.

“[Trinity graduating] will definitely impact the pit a lot because now we don’t have someone to play the piano,” said Tyrone sophomore band member Eric Sims.

Trinity will miss a lot of things when she graduates, but she definitely will miss the memories she’s made in the band.

“I will miss everyone in the band, I’ve never met people as great as them,” said Mallon.

Hock knows Mallon has been an asset to the band because of her capability to learn new instruments.

Sophomore Xena Sieminski looks back to one of the best memories she had made with Mallon.

“During YAN event night we were listening to music at the sewer hole outside the band doors. It was a lot of fun actually,” said Sieminski.

Out of all the memories Mallon has made throughout high school, her favorites have to be with the band.

[My favorite memories would be,] spending more time with my friends, and almost breaking the podium during Marching Band,” said Mallon.

Mallon’s biggest accomplishment is learning how to play the piano, even if she only learned the basics.

After graduation, Mallon plans to go to college and become a teacher.