Rwandan Genocide Witness Carl Wilkens Speaks at TAHS

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Carl Wilkens, one of the only foreigners to stay during the Rwandan genocide, and the only American to stay came to Tyrone High School to speak to students on October 24th about his experiences.

During his presentation he talked about the people he met and some of the things he went through.

He met the replacement Prime Minister Kambanda during the genocide and was able to use his connection to save the Gisimba Orphanage and many other lives during the genocide.

Wilkens met a man named Gasigwa and worked with him to save a group of people hiding out in the Nyamirambo church at the risk of both their lives.

More stories and people like this are all in his book “I’m Not Leaving.,” which can be bought on his website, , for a small donation.

Wilkens was featured in Frontline’s “Ghosts of Rwanda” and “The Few Who Stayed: Defying Genocide,” an American Radio Works documentary which aired on National Public Radio.

Some students were afraid that it was going to be just another boring presentation but many were pleasantly surprised.

“He is a very strong and selfless person,” Sophomore Alesia Daly said of Wilkens.

Sophomore Lindsey Greene said, “I thought what he had to say was sad, but powerful.”

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