Quiz League Makes History with Record Season


Cody Harpster

The 2019 Quiz league team. From left: Tyler Beckwith, Nick Vasbinder, Brent McNeel, Nathan walk , Dan Parker, Alicia Endress, Mattie Cherry and Lucia Isenberg

The Tyrone High School Quiz League Team finished their 2019 season with the best record in school history, going 7-7 for the season. The previous record holders were the 2016 team captained by Chloe Makdad, that finished 6-7.

Quiz league is a competition where students compete against schools from across the region to answer questions on various topics. They compete on teams of four. Each toss up question is worth 10 points. A toss up can be answered by either team at any time. Bonus rounds come after toss ups and only the team being asked can answer.

The 2019 team won their last match of the season in a playoff against Great Commission.

The team set the record dramatically when senior Alicia Endress answered the final question in the last match of the season to seal the deal for the Eagles.

“The questions was describing a one-way mirror and no one would answer so I buzzed in at the last second thinking it was wrong, but I figured I might as well say something.  It was right and we won the match,” said Endress.

The team began their season with the Nittany Lion Novice at Penn State on October 12.  While the team did not perform as well as they had hoped at the tournament, it was good practice for the regular season.

Senior Tyler Beckwith led the Eagles in their first few matches with the best performance in his quiz league career.  Beckwith, leading history player on the team, answered several tough questions.

I am extremely proud of how we performed during our first meet. Our 4-4 record is one of our best starts in history. Oh and, Tyler Beckwith is a quiz league master. I’d let him date my daughter (If I had one)

— Head Coach Mike Funicelli

Senior captain Brent McNeel answered nine questions correctly, closely followed by junior Mattie Cherry with eight, and senior Tyler Beckwith with seven. Seniors Nick Vasbinder and Nathan Walk contributed on bonus and toss up rounds as well.

“It was nice to be able to compete against schools we wouldn’t see in our regular season. I was happy to get the season started off well. Although we did not perform the way we had hoped, I’m proud of our team,” said Vasbinder.

The Eagles began their regular season on October 17 with a strong 4-4 start.  Out of the four losses, two of them were by only one question.

“I am extremely proud of how we performed during our first meet. Our 4-4 record is one of our best starts in history,” said Tyrone Quiz League Head Coach Mike Funicelli, “Oh and Tyler Beckwith is a quiz league master. I’d let him date my daughter, if I had one!”

The Eagles then traveled to Altoona for their final match of the season on Wednesday, October 30. The Eagles maintained their .500 record with a 3-3 day.

For the season, McNeel finished as the team’s high scorer with junior Mattie Cherry right behind him.

The starters on the quiz league team include Lucia Isenberg, Tyler Beckwith, Alicia Endress, Brent McNeel and Mattie Cherry. The other team members are Dan Parker, Sarah Jackson, Nick Vasbinder and Nathan Walk.

The quiz league team is hopeful for next season. While they are losing seniors McNeel, Beckwith, Vasbinder, Walk and Endress, there is a lot of talent coming up and Coach Funicelli is hopeful for the season to come.

Students interested in joining quiz league next year should contact Mr. Funcelli.