Player Profile of the Week: Ricky Reader


Kendra Wertz

Ricky Reader wit the back yard brawl trophy


Ricky Reader is a big name In Tyrone sports. Ricky is a senior tri-athlete for Tyrone. Football is his main sport. Ricky is a beast on the field, but he is also a savage on the wrestling mat, and a vigilante on the track field.  Look for him to make a name for himself in all three seasons this year.

EE:What position do you play for football?

RR: Defensive end, tackle and punter.

EE: What is your number?

RR: 64

EE: What do you like about the sport?

RR: Testing myself and my teammates to play at full potential.

EE: Who is the best athlete you have ever played against?

RR: Christian Lezzer of Clearfield who now plays for Boston College.

EE: Who is the best athlete you have played on a team with?

RR: Nick Getz

EE: Most memorable moment of your sports career?

RR: Getting the game winning sack against Bellwood in the back yard brawl my junior year.

EE: Person you look up to?

RR: Justin Reader

EE: Favorite song?

RR: Fergalicious

EE: Favorite food?

RR: Steak dinners

EE: Future goals?

RR: Start on a college football team my freshman year.