Photo of the Week: Emma Hoover

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Photo of the Week: Emma Hoover

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Eagle Eye: Where and when was the photo taken?

Emma Hoover: I took this picture at the TAHS pool at a home meet at Cambria Heights on January 4th.

EE: What compelled you to take the photo?

EH: I thought it would be a cool angle to get a picture at the start of the meet.

EE: What is your take on photography? How do you feel about it?

EH: I really like taking pictures, and while I don’t foresee a career in photography, I do think it’s a fun hobby.

EE: What is your favorite thing about this photo?

EH: I like how you can see the swimmers face as she kicks off the wall- it was perfectly timed!

EE: Do you have anything else to add?

EH: The swimmer in the photo is Mae Decker, and she is swimming the Backstroke leg of the girls medley relay.

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