Photo of the Week: Eagle Eye Adviser Todd Cammarata


Todd Cammarata

The 2018 student volunteers

EE: When and where was the photo taken?

TC: “At the conclusion of the YAN Halloween night.  We have been doing this group photo for about three years now.”

EE: What compelled you to take the photo?

TC: “This is one of my favorite photos of the school year because it shows how many students are willing to give their time and talent to such a great community event.  Too many adults think teenagers don’t care, and this photo proves that many of them do.”

EE: What is your take on photography? How do you feel about it?

TC: “I love that you never know when you are going to get a great photo. You can take 300 bad shots and then you get that one’keeper’ that keeps you going. I also enjoy providing our students with memories of their high school years.”

EE: what is your favorite thing about the photo?

TC: “Everyone is smiling, and clearly having a good time helping others. It shows that teenagers do care about their community and are willing to help.”

EE: Do you have anything else to add?

TC: “Thanks to all the students and staff who helped out for the Halloween event!”

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