Photo of the Week: Anna Beck

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Photo of the Week: Anna Beck

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Eagle Eye: When and where was this photo taken?

Anna Beck: “I took this when I went to Erie this past weekend, April 27th, with Tyler and his family. We were at Presque Isle.”

EE: What compelled you to take this photo?

AB: “As soon as I walked up onto the beach I knew I had to take a picture. The sun was beginning to set and the waves were rolling in. It just looked really pretty.”

EE: What is your take on photography? How do you feel about it?

AB: “I love it. I do it all of the time. I take pictures of a lot of different things. It’s my favorite hobby.”

EE: What is your favorite thing about this photo?

AB: “The way you can see the waves and the sun looks really nice the way that it’s shining through the clouds.”

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