Indoor Percussion Group Prepares For Their Third Season Of Competition


Zack Webster

The indoor percussion group celebrating a first place finish at Westmont Hilltop

The 2017-2018 Tyrone Band Indoor Percussion Ensemble will perform their 2017-2018 program entitled Tyrone-Siberian Orchestra for the first time at TAHS on February 24, 2018, in the High School gymnasium. The theme of the 2017-2018 production presents a selection of music from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

There are 15 high school and middle school students in this year’s indoor drumline and pit percussion section for the 2017-2018 indoor season. The members of the percussion group have been working hard to prepare for the indoor season.  There are a total of four seniors in the 2017-2018 indoor percussion ensemble. The seniors of the group are Derek Wilson, Rachel Robison, Harley Stimer Heywood, and Zack Webster.

Tyrone’s annual indoor show involves competitive performances by colorguard, majorettes, dance, and percussion groups from across the area. A total of 42 competitive groups will participate in the show. Tyrone’s percussion group will perform to receive a score but no awards will be given because they are the host of the show.

“It was Jake’s idea to do music from Trans-Siberian orchestra and I was able to find music that we could easily arrange for our group,” said band director David Hock.

Later Tyrone will travel to Huntington, Westmont Hilltop, Jersey Shore, and Johnstown high schools where they will perform in competition. The 2018 Chapter 11 Championships will be held St. Mary’s High School on April 28, 2018.

“We hope to keep growing and building on our skills and hopefully make it to finals at ACC’s in Wildwood this year,” said Hock.

We hope to keep growing and building on our skills and hopefully make it to finals at ACCs in Wildwood this year.

— TAHS Band Director David Hock

Tyrone percussion group will compete in Scholastic A Stationary Percussion. They will be the only group in their group in Chapter 11 for the 2018 indoor season.

The units are placed either in the scholastic or independent groups. Scholastic groups belong to a school and involve only school-aged students. The independent units do not associate with a specific school and can have members over the age of 18.  Groups can also perform as stationary or marching.  Tyrone will perform in the Scholastic A class stationary group.

The TIA Atlantic Coast Championships will be held from May 3-6 in Wildwood New Jersey. The percussion will go up against a number of ensembles at the competition in the preliminary competition. If the percussion ensemble can achieve a certain placement, the group will move onto the finals competition to take on the other groups that made it into the finals for a chance to win their group’s championship.