2012 Golf Team up to Par

Gregory Ferguson is an avid golfer who has a specific set of skills that he uses on the green. Ferguson, coming from a long line of golfers, has already had experience in the sport. It shows when he consistently hits low scores on his games. He does exceptionally well in the sport seeing how he has had previous experience with a club.

Gregory Ferguson Sr. is the head coach of the Tyrone Area School District golf team. He looks for his son to perform day in and day out; seeing as how he has been involved in the game since he has been four years old.

Placing in states, you could say that Ferguson is a pretty accomplished golfer. He practices weekly on his short game. As well as going through a mental checklist when he is lining up his shots.

According to multiple people who golf, putting is the most important skill to have in the golfing world. When many athletes line up it can be a very nerve racking experience.  Ferguson keeps his cool by going through his mental checklist. As well as taking deep breaths remembering not to rush anything or make any mistakes.

To any new comers to the game of golf, Ferguson says to: stay calm, be patient, and keep your head down.

“You never know how good you are at something, until you try it.” Said Gregory Ferguson.

Tiger Woods is basically a house hold name for many people who watch golf. Being his favorite golfer of all time, Ferguson loves to watch his favorite competitor on television when he is on tournaments. Wishing that one day, he too can also compete for a national championship just like him.

Ferguson encourages anybody who has ever thought about trying out golf to give it a try. He loves the way it is an individual sport, and a great hobby to pick up, and enjoy with friends.

Whenever his older brother is home from Saint Francis University, they play golf matches to catch up, and see how they are doing.

“It offers a great way to get together with family, and build better relationships with your family. That’s just one more reason why I love the game of golf,” Ferguson explained.